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Rugby Club the Smugglers

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Frigging in the rigging


Frigging in the rigging, wanking in the planking,
masturbating in the grating, for there's fuck all else to do.


The ship's good name was Venus
my God you should have seen it
The figure head
was a maid in bed
sucking the captain's penis

The first mates name was chopper
my God he had a whopper
once round the deck
twice round his neck
and up his ass for a stopper

Twas in the arctic ocean
the bold one took a notion
he tried to fuck
a flying duck
but he couldn't get the motion

The second mates name was Carter
my God he was a farter
he could fart anything
from God save the Queen
to Mendelson's midnight sonata

The ships dogs name was Rover
we balled that poor mutt over
we ground and ground
that faithful hound
from the China Seas to Dover

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