Rugby Club the Smugglers
Rugby Club the Smugglers

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Dhina dhina show me your legs,
Show us your leg , show us your leg
Dhina dhina show us your leg
A yard above your knee

A rich girl wears a bassiere
A poor girl uses string
Dhina uses nothing at all
She lets the buggers swing

A rich girl drives a limosene
A poor girl drives a truck
But the only ride that dhina gets
is when she has a fuck

A rich girl uses vaseline
A poor girl uses lard
But dhinauses axle grease
Because her cunts so hard

A rich girl wears a ring of gold
A poor girl one of brass
But the only ring that dhina has
Is the one around her arse

A rich girl uses a sanitary towel
A poor girl uses a sheet
But dhina uses nothing at all
Leaves atrial along the street

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